Education is the weapon through which every battle of life can be won. While education is the fundamental right of human beings, it is the light through which we can make the lives of many people not only our own but also light and development. Even today, many children in the country are deprived of education due to lack of financial and educational institutions. This problem is not only in rural areas, but also in the narrow streets of urban areas. It is not that the government or the state governments are not making efforts. Not only governments, many organisations are also striving at the grassroots level, but according to the population, it is still difficult to provide education to every person. We, As a Organisation SKILL EDUCATION AND WELFARE ASSOCIATION (SEWA) Council of Skill and Vocational Studies to make our sacrifice in the yagya called education. It will be our moral duty to provide education from house to house.

Its, only because of education a person can improve his standard of living and support the development of the country. Without education, life becomes meaningless. The importance of employable education, not just intellectual, is increasing over time. It is proven that Kaushal is a prosperous country. We have to make every hand skilled by taking Indian values ​​together. Only then can we place the country first in the line of the most developed and prosperous countries globally. For this, everyone will have to be determined and try at their own level. We have also taken this step.

Our effort will be to bring education in people’s thinking, to bring technical skills in the hands of people, so that the way of livelihood of the people can be made easier and everyone can decide their participation in the development of the country. If anyone wants to walk with us in any way in this journey, then a warm welcome.